Patent Number: 6,311,139

Title: Method for estimating yield of integrated circuit device

Abstract: The necessary information such as chip area A, number of elements, anddefect density D is inputted to calculate element density TD and meanelement density TDM. The inverse operation chip area A' is calculated fromthe estimation equation: Y=f(A) such as Stapper's equation showing thedependence of the yield on the defect density D and chip area A. Next, forvarious kinds of integrated circuit devices in a diffusion process, thefunctional relation g (TD/TDM) which is considered to be most correct isdetermined from the data of the relationship between the ratio (A'/A) andthe ratio (TD/TDM), and from the relational expression g (TD/TDM), thecorrection factor K is calculated. Finally, the values of the correctionfactor K and the chip area A are substituted into Y=f(A.times.K) tocalculate the expected yield Y.

Inventors: Kuroda; Takao (Kyoto, JP), Ishida; Hideki (Toyama, JP)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013