Patent Number: 6,311,142

Title: Methods for designing pop-up cards, and cards produced thereby

Abstract: An interactive development environment for design and placement of tieredgeometrical objects, such as objects used in pop-up card designs.Relations between objects are represented mathematically, allowingcomputerized modeling and enforcement of design constraints. For example,in the context of pop-up cards, a card that cannot close will not beallowed. A dependency hierarchy is used to track different objects of acard. Card objects are instantiated as related to other card objects sothat changes to one card object can be appropriately propagated to relatedobjects. If all card objects are defined with respect to a base card, anentire card design can be animated by only adjusting, e.g., "opening" and"closing," the base card. A graphical interface provides drag-and-drop andmanual forms of placing card parts. For drag-and-drop, design constraintscan be used to automatically determine proper positioning of card pieces.Graphics can be associated with card parts, and such graphics areautomatically adjusted, e.g., adjusting perspective, for proper viewing ofthe image on a particular card piece.

Inventors: Glassner; Andrew S. (Bellevue, WA)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013