Patent Number: 6,311,174

Title: Problem solving apparatus having learning function

Abstract: A problem solving unit for obtaining a solution in a symbol process in response to a given problem is provided with a learning control unit for making a neural network learn the solution output from the problem solving unit. The output in response to the given problem from the learned neural network is transmitted to the problem solving unit as a (first) hint on obtaining the solution to the problem. Furthermore, a second neural network for outputting a second hint is provided, selects either the first hint or the second hint, and provides the selection result to the problem solving unit.

Inventors: Kato; Hideki (Kawasaki, JP)

Assignee: Fujitsu Limited

International Classification: G06N 3/00 (20060101); G06N 3/08 (20060101); G06F 015/18 ()

Expiration Date: 10/30/2018