Patent Number: 6,311,176

Title: Method and data structure for the computer-aided management of developments

Abstract: The computer-aided official management system for developments described inpatents and publications, which limits the official examination work foreach development and substantially supports development management,permits data to be organized in a classification system with lowredundancy. The management system contains a multiplicity of developmentsystems (1) which emerge from one another by means of set operations viaorientated relationships (4), in that each development system (1) islinked to a database (11), which contains, in particular, the definitionof the development system (1) serving as a reference system (2), theformulation and status of each individual relationship (4) forming thedevelopment system (1), as well as unique indicators to further data. Thedevelopment systems are uniquely defined as intersection sets in the datastructure for linking previously separately considered reference systemsvia the relationships (4).

Inventors: Steiner; Ralf (Sangerhausen, DE)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013