Patent Number: 6,311,179

Title: System and method of generating associations

Abstract: A method for automatically generating associations of items included in adatabase. A user first specifies a support criteria indicating a strengthof desired associations of items contained in the said database. Then, arecursive program is executed for generating a hierarchical tree structurecomprising one or more levels of database itemsets, with each itemsetrepresenting item associations determined to have satisfied the specifiedsupport criteria. The recursive program includes steps of: characterizingnodes of the tree structure as being either active and enabling generationof new nodes at a new level of the tree, or inactive, at any given time;enabling traversal of the tree structure in a predetermined manner andprojecting each of the transactions included in the database ontocurrently active nodes of the tree structure to generate projectedtransaction results; and, counting the projected transaction results ofthe projected transactions at the active nodes to determine whether thefurther itemsets satisfy the specified support criteria. All itemsetsmeeting the specified support criteria are added to the tree structure ata new level.

Inventors: Agarwal; Ramesh C. (Yorktown Heights, NY), Aggarwal; Charu C. (Yorktown Heights, NY), Prasad; V. V. V. (Hyderabad, IN)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013