Patent Number: 6,311,192

Title: Method for initiating workflows in an automated organization managementsystem

Abstract: A computer program (38) for organization management can interact with adatabase (36) containing organization information, and includes apersonnel administration module (41), a personnel development module (46),and a workflow engine (43). The personnel administration module caninteract with the workflow engine to initiate a workflow to obtainapprovals for a proposed change in the database. A supplemental program(51) is provided to permit the personnel development module to cause theworkflow engine to initiate a workflow in association with a proposedchange, and can interact with a scenario table and a scenario attributestable. The scenario table identifies different types of proposed changes,and identifies the particular workflow process to initiate for each suchtype. The scenario attributes table identifies one or more proposedchanges which fall within each type, and indicates whether it is necessaryto initiate a workflow for each such change.

Inventors: Rosenthal; Kathryn A. (Plano, TX), Cvilic; Sebastien (Brussels, BE)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013