Patent Number: 6,311,208

Title: Server address management system

Abstract: A method and system for entering the address of an address server to pluralterminals connected to a switch, selecting a target address and switchingto a substitute address server when a failure occurs in the target addressserver. In the invention when the switch is activated, its addressmanagement section generates a logical network table. Next when eachterminal is activated, its address processing section generates a serveraddress table and informs the switch of the address and the logicalnetwork of the terminal and whether the terminal is an address server. Theaddress management section of the switch registers this information tological network table. When another terminal is activated and informs theswitch of its address and logical network, the address management sectionof the switch registers the information to its logical network table, andchecks whether the address server of the other terminal has beenregistered. If the address server of the other terminal has beenregistered, the other terminal is informed of the address of the terminaland the address is registered to the other terminal. The other terminalinforms the terminal of the address of the terminal other using theaddress of the terminal and the terminal registers this address.

Inventors: Miyamoto; Takahisa (Kawasaki, JP), Sawada; Sunao (Yokohama, JP), Tominaga; Yoshikazu (Yokohama, JP)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013