Patent Number: 6,311,212

Title: Systems and methods for on-chip storage of virtual connection descriptors

Abstract: Systems and methods for storing, or caching, VC descriptors on asingle-chip network processor to enhance system performance. Thesingle-chip network processor includes an on-chip cache memory that storesVC descriptors for fast retrieval. When a VC descriptor is to beretrieved, a processing engine sends a VC descriptor identifier to acontent-addressable memory (CAM), which stores VC descriptor identifiersin association with addresses in the cache where associated VC descriptorsare stored. If the desired VC descriptor is stored in the cache, the CAMreturns the associated address to the processing engine and the processingengine retrieves the VC descriptor from the cache memory. If the VCdescriptor is not stored in the cache, the CAM returns a miss signal tothe processing engine, and the processing engine retrieves the VCdescriptor from an off-chip memory. In this manner, VC descriptorsassociated with high bandwidth VCs are stored to the cache and retrievedmuch quicker from the cache than from the off-chip memory.

Inventors: Chong; Simon (Fremont, CA), Stelliga; David A. (Pleasanton, CA), Bleszynski; Ryszard (Cupertino, CA), Huang; Anguo Tony (Mountain View, CA), Trinh; Man Dieu (San Jose, CA)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013