Patent Number: 6,311,240

Title: Hardware assisted formatted data transfer system having a source storagecontroller and a formatting storage controller receiving on-mediastructure definition and a data definition

Abstract: A system and method for hardware assisted formatted data transfer allows aformatting storage controller to read and record data on a formattedstorage medium and avoids a requirement of continuous interaction by ahost system in the transfer process. The host system can initiate thetransfer process by sending a command block, a data definition, and anon-media structure definition to a formatting storage controller, whichperforms the formatted transfer and notifies the host system when thetransfer is completed or an exception occurs. Alternately, the formattingstorage controller can access one or more on-media structure definitionsstored in a persistent storage unit in accordance with an on-mediastructure selector provided by the host system in the command block. Inalternative implementations, the system and method of the presentinvention allows for the performance of a "verify copy" operation whichcauses the formatting storage controller to compare the formatted datarecorded on the formatted storage medium with the data stored on analternate storage medium (e.g. a source or destination storage medium) anda "formatted read" operation, which causes the formatting storagecontroller to read the formatted data stored on the formatted storagemedium and transfer it to a destination storage medium. Further disclosedis a program product for recording data on a formatted storage medium inaccordance with an on-media structure definition initiates a transferprocess in accordance with a command block provided to a formattingstorage controller.

Inventors: Boone; Steven E. (Monument, CO), Peters; Steven J. (Shrewsbury, MA)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013