Patent Number: 6,311,265

Title: Apparatuses and methods for programming parallel computers

Abstract: A system provides an environment for parallel programming by providing aplurality of modular parallelizable operators stored in a computerreadable memory. Each operator defines operation programming forperforming an operation, one or more communication ports, each of which iseither an input port for providing the operation programming a data streamof records, or an output port for receiving a data stream of records fromthe operation programming and an indication for each of the operator'sinput ports, if any, of a partitioning method to be applied to the datastream supplied to the input port. An interface enables users to define adata flow graph by giving instructions to select a specific one of theoperators for inclusion in the graph, or instructions to select a specificdata object, which is capable of supplying or receiving a data stream ofone or more records, for inclusion in the graph, or instructions toassociate a data link with a specific communication port of an operator inthe graph, which data link defines a path for the communication of a datastream of one or more records between its associated communications portand either a specific data object or the specific communication port ofanother specific operator in said graph. The execution of a data flowgraph equivalent to that defined by the users is automaticallyparallelized by causing a separate instance of each such operator,including its associated operation programming, to be run on each ofmultiple processors, with each instance of a given operator having acorresponding input and output port for each input and output port of thegiven operator, and by automatically partitioning the data stream suppliedto the corresponding inputs of the instances of a given operator as afunction of the partitioning method indication for the given operator'scorresponding input.

Inventors: Beckerle; Michael J. (Needham, MA), Burns; James Richard (Brookline, MA), Callen; Jerry L. (Cambridge, MA), Ives; Jeffrey D. (Cambridge, MA), Krawitz; Robert L. (Belmont, MA), Leary; Daniel L. (New Ipswich, NH), Rosenthal; Seven (Cambridge, MA), Zyzkowski; Edward S. A. (Newton, MA)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013