Patent Number: 6,311,272

Title: Biometric system and techniques suitable therefor

Abstract: This invention discloses a biometric method eliciting a migrating biometriccharacteristic from individuals, the method including storing at leastfirst and second templates of at least one migrating biometriccharacteristic for each of a population of individuals, the first templatebeing a reference sample of an individual's biometric characteristic andthe second template being initially derived from the first template, andcomparing an individual's first and second templates to a fresh sampleprovided by the individual and, if the fresh sample is found tosufficiently resemble the first and second templates, modifying the secondtemplate to take into account differences between the reference sample andthe fresh sample.A biometric system eliciting a migrating biometric characteristic fromindividuals is also disclosed.

Inventors: Gressel; Carmi David (Mobile Post Negev, IL)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013