Patent Number: 6,311,300

Title: Semiconductor testing apparatus for testing semiconductor device includingbuilt in self test circuit

Abstract: A program power supply of a tester applies a power supply voltage to an ICto be tested. A pattern generator applies a clock signal and a commandsignal to a BIST circuit of IC. BIST circuit tests memory IC unit andlogic IC unit and serially outputs data indicative of test result to aconverter of tester. Converter converts the applied serial data toparallel data and applies to computer. As compared with the prior art inwhich address signal and control signal are applied to IC to be tested,the number of pins necessary for the test can be reduced. Therefore, costof the test is reduced and efficiency of the test is improved.

Inventors: Omura; Ryuji (Hyogo, JP), Sugiura; Kazushi (Hyogo, JP), Shibayama; Mari (Hyogo, JP)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013