Patent Number: 6,311,304

Title: Method for encoding/decoding digital data by using shuffling in digitalvideo home system

Abstract: A method for error correction coding (ECC) by using shuffling of a digitaldata supplied as a bit stream in a digital-video home system. Threemethods are suggested for error correction coding/decoding. One method iswhere an outer ECC process for 18 ECC blocks is performed earlier than aninner ECC process for the 18 ECC blocks. Another method is where an outerECC process and an inner ECC process for an ECC block are carried outsequentially and implemented in order for 18 ECC blocks. These two methodsemploy a predetermined shuffling algorithm. The third method is where anouter ECC process is firstly performed for 18 ECC blocks by using theshuffling algorithm, and then an inner ECC process is implemented by thesync block according to a recording order on tracks. The outer parityinformation is produced by processing the data from the shuffled syncblock.

Inventors: Kwon; Bong-Hyen (Seoul, KR)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013