Patent Number: 6,324,447

Title: Process and device for stabilizing a vehicle on the basis of a determinedtorsional value

Abstract: A method for stabilizing a vehicle to avoid at least one of a vehiclerolling over about a vehicle axis oriented in the longitudinal directionof the vehicle and the vehicle sliding in the transverse direction. Themethod determines at least one of a torsion variable that corresponds tohow the vehicle behaves in reaction to a force acting on the vehicle aboutthe vehicle axis oriented in the vehicle's longitudinal direction, and aload-shift variable that corresponds to how the vehicle load behaves inreaction to a force acting upon the vehicle. The method determines avehicle speed and also determines at least one threshold value for thevehicle speed based on the torsion variable and the load-shift variable.The vehicle speed and the at least one threshold value are then compared,and interventions (or measures) are taken to stabilize the vehicle basedon the comparison.

Inventors: Schramm; Herbert (Leonberg, DE), Faye; Ian (Stuttgart, DE)


International Classification: B60T 8/1755 (20060101); B60T 8/17 (20060101); G06F 017/00 (); G06F 007/00 ()

Expiration Date: 11/27/2014