Patent Number: 6,328,182

Title: Two-component cartridge

Abstract: The fill materials in the chambers of a two-component cartridge separatedby the separating wall enter into outlet openings. An insert piece ismounted onto a small tube in which is formed the outlet opening, overwhich grips a mixing channel. The insert piece and the separating wall(3A) are connected fixed against rotation to one another. The fillmaterial from the outlet opening (8A) passes over into a passage opening(18A) and exits through the outlet (22) from the insert piece (10A). Thefill material from the outlet opening (7A) passes over into a passageopening (17A) and moves from there into a channel (23), which has theoutlet (21A). The outlets (21A) and (22) are arranged closely adjacent toone another so that a mixing of the two fill materials occurs alreadyduring entry into the mixing chamber (14A) of the mixing channel (9A).

Inventors: Brugner; Nikolaus (Ziemetshausen, DE)


International Classification: B05C 17/005 (20060101); B67D 005/60 ()

Expiration Date: 12/11/2014