Patent Number: 6,332,247

Title: Two-piece clip with elastically adjustable ferrule

Abstract: A two-piece clip including an elastically adjustable ferrule and a clip member detachably connected to the ferrule is provided. The ferrule is formed from a long strip of metal material with suitable elasticity and rigidity and having a predetermined inner diameter. Two free end portions of the strip forming the ferrule are caused to cross each other to form a handle portion outside the ferrule. By applying a compressive force on the handle portion to push the two free end portions inward relative to each other, the inner diameter of the ferrule is elastically enlarged for easily putting the ferrule around a pen. The outermost ends of the two free end portions are curved to form two small hollow cylinders, into which the clip member is detachably inserted and thereby connected to the ferrule. The clip member has a small length upward projected from the ferrule for connecting one or more ornamental or advertising article thereto.

Inventors: Hsieh; Ming-Jen (Taipei, TW)


International Classification: B43K 25/02 (20060101); B43K 25/00 (20060101); B43K 025/00 ()

Expiration Date: 12/25/2018