Patent Number: 6,332,249

Title: Slider for slide fastener with locking mechanism

Abstract: The present invention provides a slider with a simple locking mechanismwhich allows the slider to be operated easily and exerts its lockingfunction accurately. In the slider of this invention, a recess is made inthe center of an upper wing plate of a slider body thereof and engagingposts are provided on the front and back of the slider body. Two pawlholes are provided in a bottom portion of the recess and supporting piecesare provided on the right and left sides so as to be erected. Guidegrooves are provided in side walls of the recess. A pawl body compriseslocking pawls provided on the right and left of a bottom face thereof inwhich a top face thereof is formed in a mountain shape and their phasesare deviated by half pitch and guide protruding portions protruding fromthe side walls. A pull tab has a pintle on an end thereof and a cam isprovided in the center of the pintle. A cover is a rectangular prism andhas front and rear engaging holes which are capable of engaging theengaging posts. The guide protruding portions of the pawl body areinserted into the guide grooves of the recess and the pull tab is placedon the supporting pieces from above. Then, the cover is mounted. When thepull tab is raised or hung, the pawl body moves up and down, so that thelocking pawls enter in between fastener elements by pressure.

Inventors: Oda; Kiyoshi (Toyama-ken, JP), Yamagishi; Koji (Toyama-ken, JP)


International Classification: A44B 19/30 (20060101); A44B 19/24 (20060101); A44B 019/30 ()

Expiration Date: 12/25/2014