Patent Number: 6,332,255

Title: Process for producing a hot-rolled product and plant for carrying out the process

Abstract: In a process for producing a hot-rolled product by continuously casting a strand, separating a strand piece from the strand, thermally influencing the strand piece by temperature equalization and/or strand piece heating and hot-rolling the strand piece, continuous casting takes place at two or several continuous casters. The strand pieces are rolled in a rolling mill associated with these continuous casters, to which the strand pieces are conducted by diverting the strand pieces into the line of the rolling mill from at least one of the continuous casters whose line does not register with the line of the rolling mill. In order to reach a higher plant availability, thermal influence of the strand pieces to be diverted is effected during the diversion of the strand pieces after their emergence from the continuous caster line and prior to their introduction into the rolling mill line while completely clearing the continuous caster lines and the rolling mill line.

Inventors: Buchsbaum; Bernhard (St. Georgen, AT), Gruber; Karl Christian (Pucking, AT)

Assignee: Voest-Alpine Industrieanlagenbau GmbH

International Classification: B21B 1/46 (20060101); B21B 015/00 ()

Expiration Date: 12/25/2018