Patent Number: 6,332,278

Title: Portable precision electronic caliper

Abstract: Portable precision caliper comprising a slide (2) and a shaft (1) each fitted with a jaw (10, respectively 20). The slide is further equipped with electronic means (11) which enable the distance between the jaws (10, 20) to be displayed on an electronic display (12). The electronic means are powered by a battery (110, 111). The shaft (2) is fitted with a magnetized scale (21) with a period of magnetization .lambda.. The electronic means (11) include a sensor (112) equipped with an array of magnetoresistive electrodes disposed opposite said scale (21). The resistance values of the magnetoresistive electrodes are a sinusoidal function of the longitudinal position of the sensor (112) along the scale (21). The set of magnetoresistive electrodes includes at least certain sets of magnetoresistive electrodes formed of at least 8 electrodes connected in series, so as to increase the electric resistance of the sets and to reduce the electricity consumption of the whole device.

Inventors: Bezinge; Alex (Yens, CH), Bolli; Jean-Luc (Geneve, CH)

Assignee: Brown & Sharpe TESA SA

International Classification: G01B 3/20 (20060101); G01B 007/02 ()

Expiration Date: 12/25/2018