Patent Number: 6,332,334

Title: Method and apparatus for handling and transporting temperature-sensitive items

Abstract: A container for handling and transporting temperature-sensitive items. The container includes a tote made of a resilient material, the tote including an opening for inserting items and flaps for covering the opening, wherein the tote has dimensions compatible with commercial product-handling equipment. The container further includes a liner sized to fit into the tote. In one embodiment, the liner includes a shell made of a resilient material and shaped to cover the interior surfaces of the tote. The liner has a layer of a temperature insulating material enclosed within the shell. A liner is lid sized to fit securely over the opening of the shell, and in one embodiment, includes a layer of the insulating material and a cavity for inserting a refrigerant material therein.

Inventors: Faryabi; Michael (Danville, CA)

Assignee: Webvan Group, Inc.

International Classification: B65D 81/38 (20060101); B65D 81/18 (20060101); B65D 25/16 (20060101); B65D 21/06 (20060101); B65D 25/14 (20060101); F25D 3/08 (20060101); F25D 3/00 (20060101); F25D 3/14 (20060101); F25D 003/08 ()

Expiration Date: 12/25/2018