Patent Number: 6,332,357

Title: Suction-type liquid measuring device and method of feeding molten fluid utilizing same

Abstract: An inlet/outlet pipe extending downward from a bottom face of a body for a ladle is bent at its tip end into an S-shape in an intermediate portion of the pipe, and its tip end is located at a level higher than that of the bent portion. When a negative pressure in the ladle body is increased, a height of range of a molten metal is increased before and after an occurrence of disturbance in the ladle body, so that the negative pressure in the ladle body is made balance with a weight of the molten metal. Thereby, the molten metal is measured and held at a constant volume in the ladle body.

Inventors: Matsuura; Makoto (Hiroshima, JP), Masaki; Hiroshi (Hiroshima, JP), Naitou; Shinya (Hiroshima, JP), Yamagata; Hiroshi (Hiroshima, JP)

Assignee: Hiroshima Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd.

International Classification: B22D 18/06 (20060101); G01F 17/00 (20060101); G01F 23/00 (20060101); G01F 023/00 (); B22D 018/06 (); B22D 041/00 ()

Expiration Date: 12/25/2018