Patent Number: 6,332,395

Title: Structure of a barbeque push-cart

Abstract: A structure of BBQ pushcart having a cart body, a grilling oven mounted on the cart body is disclosed. The two lateral sides of the push-cart are respectively pivotally mounted with a plurality of support frames, the height of the frame is lower than the width of the cart body and the bottom edge of the cart body, at the corner of the frame is mounted with a mounting tube having a horizontal tube body and a through hole is mounted at the wall of the mounting tube and an elastic peg is inserted, an engaging hole, corresponding to the elastic peg, is provided at the support frame such that when the frame is vertically extended from the bottom board of the cart body, the elastic peg will automatically engage with the engaging hole to lock the frame, and the releasing of the elastic peg will fold the frame and assemble below the cart body.

Inventors: Home; William (Tamshui, TW)

Assignee: Grand Hall Enterprise Co., Ltd.

International Classification: A47J 37/07 (20060101); A47J 037/00 (); A47J 037/04 (); A47J 037/07 ()

Expiration Date: 12/25/2018