Patent Number: 6,332,406

Title: Transfer system using segmented intermediate section

Abstract: A system (1) for transferring a movable load (2) for an installation (3) for conveying the load (2), and to transfer the load (2) from an arrival track (8) where the load (2) is conveyed along an entry conveying path (C), to at least first (9) and second (10) exit tracks where the load (2) is conveyed, the system (1) including a movable track section (11) adjustable for position, where the load (2) is conveyed along an intermediate conveying path, in which the section (11) includes at least two end to end track segments (16) mounted pivotally with respect to each other by a device (17) close to a junction (18) between segments (16) so that the entry, intermediate and exit conveying paths form, end to end, a conveying path whose tangent has continuous variation.

Inventors: Mugnier; Jean Francois (Grand Junction, CO)

Assignee: Pomagalski S.A.

International Classification: E01B 25/00 (20060101); E01B 25/12 (20060101); E01B 025/00 ()

Expiration Date: 12/25/2018