Patent Number: 6,332,414

Title: Sewing machine accessory

Abstract: A sewing machine accessory with an accessory head which can be quickly and easily attached and removed from a sewing machine. One version of the accessory head can be mounted to a sewing machine foot, while another version can be mounted on a sewing machine shank. Either version can use a protrusion in a mating slot to serve as the mounting connection, configured so that simply inserting the protrusion into the slot is sufficient for attachment, and simply removing the protrusion from the slot is sufficient for detachment. A particular embodiment of the accessory can enable straight seams or hems to be sewn parallel to a material edge without requiring a steady hand or great skill by the operator. An edge guide is provided with a predetermined offset from the sewing machine needle, thus permitting the operator to guide the material through the sewing mechanism in a very straight line, with the resulting seam being a consistently accurate distance from the edge of the material. The invention can include multiple guides in various sizes that can be quickly and easily interchanged. Customized feet can be provided to allow the invention to be retrofitted onto existing sewing machines.

Inventors: Tayrien; Steven R. (Northridge, CA), Terranova; Peter A. (Sherman Oaks, CA)

Assignee: Wizarad Attachment Co., Inc.

International Classification: D05B 35/06 (20060101); D05B 035/00 ()

Expiration Date: 12/25/2018