Patent Number: 6,332,415

Title: Sewing machine with fabric-retaining bed and method for sewing fabric thereon

Abstract: A sewing machine for sewing large work pieces such as sails or tarps, has a sewing bed with a large trough, the axis of which is perpendicular to the axis of the sewing head support arm. Fabric is held within the trough, either by being folded, bunched or rolled, with fabric being either fed into the trough as stitching progresses, or is drawn out of the trough during stitching. The fabric may be rolled, bunched or folded within the trough. The trough may be selectively covered with a removable cover plate, to provide a flat sewing bed for sewing of smaller pieces of fabric.

Inventors: Hinsperger; Peter (Mississauga, CA), Fitchett; James (Mississauga, CA)

Assignee: Hinpergers Poly Industries Ltd.

International Classification: D05B 75/00 (20060101); D03B 073/12 ()

Expiration Date: 12/25/2018