Patent Number: 6,332,450

Title: Throttle control apparatus of internal combustion engine and throttlecontrol method

Abstract: In a throttle control apparatus of an internal combustion engine, when thedriver operates an accelerator so as to cause a motor vehicle to proceedto a steady-state running mode, a target throttle opening amount is nolonger controlled to a throttle opening amount that depends upon anoperated amount of the accelerator. Instead, the throttle opening amountis controlled to a value that provides a steady-state required torque. Inthis manner, the vehicle is immediately brought into a desiredsteady-state running mode, without requiring the driver to repeatedlyoperate the accelerator since the accelerator operation is not directlyreflected by the throttle opening amount. Thus, the driver need notfrequently repeat accelerator operations when the vehicle enters asteady-state running mode, thus assuring improved driveability.

Inventors: Muto; Harufumi (Nishikamo-gun, JP), Masuda; Kei (Toyota, JP), Fujita; Makoto (Nishikamo-gun, JP), Kushi; Naoto (Okazaki, JP)


International Classification: F02D 11/10 (20060101); F02D 009/02 (); F02D 011/10 (); F02D 041/04 ()

Expiration Date: 12/25/2014