Patent Number: 6,332,469

Title: Set of implements for shaving a body part

Abstract: A set of implements for shaving a body part capable of reducing skin irritation, preventing or promoting faster healing of skin cuts through delivering of a low frequency modulation magnetic field therapy. The set includes a shaving brush and a razor. The shaving brush includes a handle, magnetically conductive bristles, and a permanent magnet contained in the handle of the shaving brush. One set of ends of the bristles of the shaving brush are embedded in the permanent magnet, with the bristles extending axially therefrom and out through the handle of the shaving brush. The magnet forms a magnetic field directed towards the body part and oriented so the positive and of the magnet is directed also towards the body part. During application of shaving cream, repetitive motions by the user cause low frequency modulation of the magnetic field to be applied to the body part that possesses prophylactic and healing properties. The razor includes a handle, a blade cartridge, a razor blade, arid a plurality of bi-polar magnets positioned on the blade cartridge away from the cutting edge of the blade in a preferred configuration, the magnets are spaced apart so as not to interfere with one another and are oriented in parallel to cause a combined magnetic field to be directed towards the body part during shaving. It is preferred that the magnets are positioned on the razor to be in direct contact with the body part in order to deliver the magnetic therapy of maximum efficacy.

Inventors: Treskov; Yakov (Fort Lee, NJ), Treskova; Erena (Fort Lee, NJ)


International Classification: B26B 21/40 (20060101); B26B 21/00 (20060101); A45D 027/16 (); A45D 027/22 (); A45D 027/00 ()

Expiration Date: 12/25/2018