Patent Number: 6,332,482

Title: Multi-refillable spray can, device for filling said cans and method for producing said spray cans

Abstract: A multi-refillable spray can with a piston arranged in the cylindrical part of the interior of said can, whereby said piston has seals associated with the inner wall thereof. The area below the piston is filled with compressed air instead of the usual environmentally damaging propellant gases. The spray is accommodated in the area formed by the upper side of the piston, the lower side of the valve head and the upper inner wall of the can. The piston has a rubber valve on the upper side facing the spray, whereby the bottom of the can is fully closed.

Inventors: Runge; Hermann (Kneiting/Pettendorf, DE), Stadler; Manfred (Lappersdorf, DE), Massen; Werner (Deuerling, DE)

Assignee: EBB Ingenieurgesellschaft

International Classification: B05B 9/08 (20060101); B65D 83/14 (20060101); B65B 001/04 ()

Expiration Date: 12/25/2018