Patent Number: 6,332,497

Title: Vehicular air conditioner

Abstract: An air conditioner for a vehicle having an engine that serves as a drivesource for a compressor arranged in a rear part of the vehicle. The airconditioner includes the compressor, and further includes an air intakeunit having an inside air intake, an outside air intake, an insideair/outside air changeover damper, and a blower disposed on a downstreamside of the inside air/outside air changeover damper. The air conditionerincludes an air conditioning unit into which air is introduced from theair intake unit, provided along an introduced air distribution path with acooling apparatus heat exchanger fluidly connected to the compressor andconfigured to exchange heat between the introduced air and air outside thecabin interior, where the cooling apparatus heat exchanger is located inthe rear part of the vehicle. The air conditioning unit also include anengine heat exchanger configured to exchange heat between the introducedair and an engine of the vehicle. The air conditioner further includes aduct configured to distribute air from the air conditioning unit to afront part of the vehicle, where the duct is provided with air outletsconfigured to discharge the air into the cabin interior.

Inventors: Niwa; Kazuki (Nishi-kasugai-gun, JP), Akimoto; Ryosaku (Nishi-kasugai-gun, JP), Matsuda; Kenji (Nagoya, JP), Major; Gregory A. (Beverly Hills, MI), Zeng; Xin (Auburn Hills, MI)


International Classification: B60H 1/00 (20060101); B60H 1/24 (20060101); B60H 001/00 ()

Expiration Date: 12/25/2014