Patent Number: 6,332,549

Title: Repair kit for industrial pallet rack frame

Abstract: The repair kit for an industrial pallet rack frame has a front post having an upper end and a lower end, and an intermediate post having an upper end and a lower end. The front post and the rear post are connected by an upper cross member and a lower cross member in parallel and spaced apart relation defining a rectangular or square frame having an interior. The front and intermediate posts and the upper and lower cross members are preferably made from rectangular tubular metal stock. Both the front post and the rear post have an anchor plate attached to the lower end of the posts facing the interior of the frame. The front post has an outer clamp jaw defined by a U-shaped channel attached to its upper end, as well as a support plate perpendicular to the outer clamp jaw which caps the front post. An inner clamp jaw is removably attachable to the outer clamp jaw to clamp the front post of a pallet rack frame therebetween, the bottom of the pallet rack frame post resting on the support plate. The intermediate post includes upper and lower extension arms which terminate in rear post capture clamp jaws fixed to the extension arms. Either clamp plates or removable rear clamp jaws are used to clamp the pallet rack frame rear post to the rear post capture clamps. In an alternative embodiment, the repair kit may also include a rear post to replace a damaged pallet rack frame rear post.

Inventors: MacDonald; Shawn D. (Joliet, IL)


International Classification: A47B 47/02 (20060101); A47B 47/00 (20060101); A47F 005/00 ()

Expiration Date: 12/25/2018