Patent Number: 6,332,626

Title: Tow bar for towing tongueless vehicles

Abstract: This invention is a multi use tow bar for towing one vehicle behind theother, which is very simple in design in that it consists of a single(segmented) shaft which is rigidly attached to the rear of the towingvehicle (with a single component attachment device), a simple verticallyrotating joint, and a rearward long shaft segment which is attached to thecenter of the front of the towed vehicle by a single coupler/ball. Thistow bar is suitable for a broad range of situations where one vehicle towsanother vehicle on a continuing basis and ease of attachment anddisattachment of the two vehicles is important.

Inventors: Morrill; J. Stephen (Waldport, OR)


International Classification: B60D 1/00 (20060101); B60D 1/155 (20060101); B60D 1/54 (20060101); B60D 1/07 (20060101); B60D 1/145 (20060101); B60D 001/155 (); B60D 001/54 ()

Expiration Date: 12/25/2014