Patent Number: 6,332,631

Title: Peel back and re-sealable extended text label with detachment segment

Abstract: A label for a container is disclosed as including a front side and a back side. The front side has front label information thereon for communicating information to a user. The back side includes a first end and a second end and has an adhesive thereon proximate the first end such that a part of the label is substantially permanently attached to the container. The back side also has a removably-attaching surface proximate the second end. Back side label information is on the back side for communicating information to the user. The removably-attaching surface enables the label to be removably attached to the container such that the user may view the back side label information by peeling back part of the label from the container to reveal the back side label information. Further, the user may return the label to wrap around the container such that the back side label information is not visible by pressing the other part against the container. Detachment segments are also provided between the removably and the substantially permanently adhered portions of the label to preclude inadvertent removal of the entire label.

Inventors: Kirk; Dana S. (Kearns, UT)

Assignee: Impaxx, Inc.

International Classification: G09F 3/02 (20060101); G09F 3/10 (20060101); B42D 015/00 ()

Expiration Date: 12/25/2018