Patent Number: 6,332,640

Title: Window with a profiled bead comprising a covering attachment

Abstract: In a window (1), which is intended in particular to be fitted in a bodywork opening (11) of a vehicle, which is equipped on at least a main surface, intended to face inwards in the fitted state, with a profiled bead (2) which comprises, as lateral covering attachment, a lip (5) projecting beyond the edge of the pane (1) with a sealing rib (7) which can be applied against an adjacent wall part (13) when the window is fitted, there is provided on the lip (5), according to the invention, parallel to the first sealing rib (6) which can be applied against the wall part (13), at least one second sealing rib (7) which can be applied against the edge (21) of the window without adhesion contact. In this way, a covering of the lateral space is obtained effecting in practice a closure flush with the main surface of the pane and with the adjacent wall or bodywork surface.

Inventors: Cornils; Gerd (Merzenich-Girbelsrath, DE), Fischer; Florian (Aachen, DE), Bihn; Frank (Huckelhoven, DE), Behrend; Ulrick (Eschweiler, DE)

Assignee: Saint-Gobain Recherche

International Classification: B60J 10/02 (20060101); B60J 001/02 ()

Expiration Date: 12/25/2018