Patent Number: 6,332,841

Title: Floating cushion sub

Abstract: A cushion sub for absorbing both axial and torsional vibration in a drill string and including an outer casing connectable at one end to a section of a drill string, and an inner piston reciprocally mounted in a cylinder within the casing, the piston having a shaft projecting from the other end of the casing connectable to another section of the drill string. The cylinder includes a first cushion device at opposite ends thereof for engagement by the piston to absorb axial vibrations. A spline type connection prevents relative rotation between the piston and the cylinder. The cylinder is mounted for arcuate turning in a chamber within the casing, but the cylinder has vanes which are interposed between vanes fixed to the casing, and elastomeric material between the vanes of the cylinder and the vanes of the casing absorbs torsional vibrations being transmitted between the cylinder and the casing. The elastomeric material is preferably formed in situ as an integral mass in the chamber of the casing by pouring the elastomeric material in a fluid state into the chamber.

Inventors: Secord; Douglas C. (Calgary, CA)

Assignee: Foremost Industries, Inc.

International Classification: E21B 17/07 (20060101); E21B 17/02 (20060101); E21B 017/02 ()

Expiration Date: 12/25/2018