Patent Number: 6,332,854

Title: Belt for continuously variable transmission

Abstract: A belt for a continuously variable transmission includes a metal element 32having a rocking edge 40 between a main surface 38 and a slope 41 on thefront side of the metal element in the advancing direction and a ring slot35, into which a metal ring assembly 31 is fitted, between an element body34 and an ear portion 36. The position of the center of gravity G of themetal element 32 is regulated to the outside of the rocking edge 40 and tothe inside of a radially outer end 35.sub.1 of the ring slot 35.Therefore, a relation Vr<Vg<Vs is established when a speed of therocking edge 40 at an instant when the metal element 32 leaves a drivenpulley is represented by Vr, a speed of the center of gravity G of themetal element 32 is by Vg, and a speed of the ring slot 35 at the radiallyouter end 35.sub.1 is by Vs, whereby the proper range of the center ofgravity G of the metal element 32 of the belt for the continuouslyvariable transmission can be specified correctly so that the metal element32 located at a chord portion between the driven pulley 11 and a drivepulley 6 of a metal belt 15 is prevented from being tilted and thus can bemeshed smoothly with the drive pulley 6.

Inventors: Kanokogi; Ken (Wako, JP), Shimada; Takamichi (Wako, JP)


International Classification: F16G 5/00 (20060101); F16G 5/16 (20060101); F16G 005/16 ()

Expiration Date: 12/25/2014