Patent Number: 6,332,908

Title: Method for modifying surface of hydrogen storage alloy for NI/MH secondary battery using flake type metal

Abstract: Disclosed is a method for modifying a surface of a hydrogen storage alloy for an Ni/MH secondary battery using flake type metal comprising the steps of ball-milling metal powder to produce flake type metal powder; and ball-milling the flake metal powder together with hydrogen storage alloy powder to obtain mixture powder. The method according to the present invention provides the hydrogen storage alloy capable of increasing discharge capacity of an electrode and lengthening electrode life duration for the Ni/MH secondary battery.

Inventors: Lee; Jai Young (Daejeon Kwangyeok-si, KR), Yu; Ji Sang (Daejeon Kwangyeok-si, KR), Kim; Seoung Hoe (Daejeon Kwangyeok-si, KR), Lee; Sang Min (Daejeon Kwangyeok-si, KR), Lee; Ho (Daejeon Kwangyeok-si, KR), Park; Jeong Gun (Daejeon Kwangyeok-si, KR)

Assignee: Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

International Classification: B22F 9/02 (20060101); B22F 9/04 (20060101); C01B 3/00 (20060101); C22C 1/04 (20060101); H01M 4/38 (20060101); B22F 001/00 ()

Expiration Date: 12/25/2018