Patent Number: 6,332,916

Title: Activated carbon filter and process for the separation of noxious gases

Abstract: Activated carbon filters containing transition metals, are prepared by (a)exchanging the transition metal with a cellulose ion exchange material toproduce a cellulose material containing the transition metal; (b) charringof the product of (a); activating the product of (b) to form an activatedcarbon filter having a pore network throughout; and removing surfacecarbon substantially throughout the pore network of the filter formed in(c). Methods of filtering an atmosphere containing a gaseous contaminantby passing the contaminated atmosphere through a filter made by thisprocess are described.

Inventors: Chinn; Matthew J (Salisbury, GB), Norman; Paul R (Salisbury, GB), Barnes; Philip A (Leeds, GB), Dawson; Elizabeth A (Leeds, GB)


International Classification: B01J 20/20 (20060101); B01D 53/86 (20060101); C01B 31/00 (20060101); C01B 31/10 (20060101); C01B 031/08 ()

Expiration Date: 12/25/2014