Patent Number: 6,333,290

Title: Process for producing anionic clays using magnesium acetate

Abstract: Economical and environment-friendly processes for the synthesis of anionicclays and anionic clay-like materials with acetate anions as thecharge-balancing interlayer species are disclosed. The processes involvecombining a slurry of a gibbsite or its thermally treated form with aslurry or solution of a magnesium source and magnesium acetate. Theproduct is not washed, needs no filtration and exists in aclose-to-neutral pH condition. The product can be spray dried directly toform microspheres, or it can be extruded to form shaped bodies. Because ofthe absence of foreign salts, the product can be combined with otheringredients in the manufacture of catalysts, absorbents, pharmaceuticals,cosmetics, detergents and other commodity products that contain anionicclays.

Inventors: Stamires; Dennis N. (Newport Beach, CA), Brady; Michael F. (Studio City, CA), Jones; William (Cambridge, GB), Kooli; Fathi (Tsukuba, JP)


International Classification: C01F 7/00 (20060101); B01J 021/16 (); C01B 035/03 ()

Expiration Date: 12/25/2014