Patent Number: 6,333,298

Title: Molybdenum-free low volatility lubricating oil composition

Abstract: A molybdenum-free lubricating oil composition exhibiting improved fuel economy and fuel economy retention properties, which comprises: (a) a base stock oil compound of at least 50 wt. % mineral oil, the base stock oil having a viscosity of 4.0-5.5 mm.sup.2 /s at C., 95 wt. % or more saturates, 25 wt. % or less napthenics, a NOACK volatility of 15.9% or less, a kV of 4.0-5.5 mm.sup.2 /s at C. and a viscosity index of at least 120; (b) at least one calcium detergent and (c) at least one organic friction modifier, wherein the composition has a NOACK volatility of about 15 wt. % or less and contains from about 0.058 to 0.58 wt. % calcium from the calcium detergent.

Inventors: Waddoups; Malcolm (Westfield, NJ), Hartley; Rolfe J. (Cranbury, NJ), Miyoshi; Taisuke (Yokohama, JP)

Assignee: Infineum International Limited

International Classification: C10M 169/00 (20060101); C10M 169/04 (20060101); C10M 101/02 (); C10M 141/12 ()

Expiration Date: 12/25/2018