Patent Number: 6,338,077

Title: Transfer function implementation using digital impedance synthesis

Abstract: A system and circuit is provided for digitally synthesizing the impedanceof a transfer function. The impedance of the transfer function isdigitally synthesized by generating a current that, when combined with aninput voltage, results in the impedance of the transfer function. This isaccomplished by sensing the input signal and processing it with agenerator or multiplier such that a voltage is produced. The producedvoltage controls a current source and creates a current having a valueequal to the inverse of the transfer function impedance. The sensed orinput voltage divided by the generated current is equal to the impedanceof the transfer function. In this manner, many different transferfunctions can be digitally synthesized without having to design analternate circuit.

Inventors: Poulis; Spiro (Kearns, UT), Evans; John (Riverton, UT), Messerly; Shayne (Farmington, UT)


International Classification: H03H 17/02 (20060101); G06J 001/00 (); G06G 007/16 ()

Expiration Date: 01/08/2014