Patent Number: 6,338,152

Title: Method and system for remotely managing communication of data used for predicting malfunctions in a plurality of machines

Abstract: A method and system for managing communication of electronic data between a diagnostic service center and a plurality of machines generally remote relative to each other is provided. The electronic data is made up of respective machine data from selected machines. The machine data is used for detecting the presence of respective malfunctions which, if left uncorrected, would likely result in respective mission failures of the selected machines. The method allows for storing in a database a list of respective cases to be processed. The method further allows for assigning to each case a respective download priority. A determining step allows for determining each case to be populated next with new machine data based at least upon the assigned download priority. Respective executing steps allow for executing a download of the new machine data, and for executing predetermined analysis on the downloaded data for detecting the presence of respective malfunctions in the selected machines.

Inventors: Fera; Gregory J. (Erie, PA), Hedlund; Eric H. (Erie, PA), Loncher; Steven (Erie, PA), Lovelace; John H. (Erie, PA), O'Camb; Thomas E. (Erie, PA), Pander; James E. (Erie, PA), Puri; Ashish (Erie, PA)

Assignee: General Electric Company

International Classification: B61L 27/00 (20060101); H02H 003/05 (); H05K 010/00 ()

Expiration Date: 01/08/2019