Patent Number: 6,364,153

Title: Waste container with displaceable panel closure

Abstract: A container with side and end walls, a top and a bottom, has a closure with a panel movable outwardly perpendicular to a plane of the closure, from a closed and substantially sealed position to a closed and substantially unsealed position to disengage the seal before undertaking a more gross opening movement in which the panel is moved clear of the opening. In one embodiment a movable lid covers and seals an opening in a top wall. At least two guides are positioned adjacent to the opening and hold captive rollers of a lid carriage that enable the lid to be moved to either side of the container and tilted clear of the opening. The guides are movable in a direction perpendicular to the closure plane and either lift the lid to disengage the seal or pull the lid downwardly to compress the seal. In another embodiment, a container is provided with a rear or end wall that in its gross movement hinges open and closed to clear or close an opening between container side walls. At least two hinges are mounted between the movable rear wall and a support plate on a sidewall adjacent to the movable rear wall. The support plate is constrained to move perpendicular to the plane of the door opening, shifting the rear wall between a closed and substantially sealed position and a closed and substantially unsealed position. In this manner the seal is subjected only to compression and decompression, with the movable rear wall or top lid in each case being free move open or closed without interference with the seals.

Inventors: Petzitillo, Jr.; Anthony D. (Sicklerville, NJ), Fowler; Todd A. (Blackwood, NJ)


International Classification: B65F 1/16 (20060101); B65F 001/16 ()

Expiration Date: 04/02/2019