Patent Number: 6,396,171

Title: Circuit for stabilizing a high voltage

Abstract: The circuit for stabilizing a high voltage for a picture tube comprises a high-voltage transformer, which has a primary winding and a high-voltage winding, a switch, which is connected in series with the primary winding, and a control loop for high-voltage stabilization. The control voltage of the control loop, with which the switch is driven, is derived from two signals in this case. The first signal is tapped off from a secondary auxiliary winding at the transformer and supplies a static control voltage component, and the second signal is derived directly from the high voltage and supplies a measure of the dynamic loading on the high-voltage generator. The static control voltage component is, in particular, a measure of the value of the high voltage during the vertical line flyback, when the screen is black and the high-voltage transformer is minimally loaded. In this case, the auxiliary winding supplies a voltage which is proportional to the secondary flyback pulse. The second signal is a fast control signal, since it is derived directly from the high voltage.

Inventors: Bicheler; Hans-Gunter (Villingen-Schwenningen, DE), Rilly; Gerard (Unterkirnach, DE)

Assignee: Thomson Licensing S.A.

International Classification: H04N 3/18 (20060101); H04N 3/185 (20060101); H01H 035/00 (); H01F 027/30 ()

Expiration Date: 05/28/2019