Patent Number: 6,396,241

Title: Inductive charging system employing a fluid-cooled transformer coil andtransmission cable

Abstract: An inductive charging apparatus for use in charging batteries of anelectric vehicle. The apparatus has a power source, cooling fluid pumpingand cooling apparatus, and a charge port disposed in the electric vehicle.An inductive charging coupler that is insertable into the charge portcomprises a housing, a ferrite puck, and an insulated, liquid-cooled,current-carrying conductive tubular transformer coil disposed around thepuck. A liquid-cooled, liquid-carrying tubular transmission cable iscoupled to the power source, to the cooling fluid pumping and coolingapparatus, and to the transformer coil. The transmission cable couplescurrent from the power source to the transformer coil, and couples coolingfluid between the cooling fluid pumping and cooling apparatus and thetransformer coil. The transformer coil may be a multilevel helix, spiralfluid-cooled transformer coil such as an eight turn (although n turns arepossible), two level helix, four turn spiral winding. The transformer coilcomprises an insulated tube high current carrying capacity conductor thatoptimizes AC and high frequency losses while providing a heat exchangerfor the apparatus.

Inventors: Ramos; Sergio (Harbor City, CA), Woody; George R. (Wiesbaden, DE), Radys; Ray G. (Santa Monica, CA), Hall; John T. (Woodland Hills, CA)


International Classification: B60L 11/18 (20060101); H01J 007/00 (); H02G 007/00 (); H02K 007/20 ()

Expiration Date: 05/28/2014