Patent Number: 6,396,402

Title: Method for detecting, recording and deterring the tapping and excavating activities of woodpeckers

Abstract: An apparatus for deterring woodpeckers from tapping on and excavating within a utility pole or the like includes a housing having mounting flanges for direct attachment to the pole so as to receive vibrations therefrom. A transducer is attached to the mounting wall so as to convert the vibrations preferentially over airborne sounds into signals. A circuit compares the vibrations with a long term average and emits an output in response to detection above a threshold, whereupon the outputs are counted and if the number within a predetermined time exceeds a preset minimum a sound transmitter is actuated for emitting a deterrent sound externally of the housing. A memory contains a plurality of separate audible deterrent sounds including some of the same species and some of predators which act as a deterrent to the woodpeckers and these are selected sequentially and transmitted after a delay to avoid habituation. The power source includes a solar cell charging a battery and to maintain battery power the circuit is arranged to partially power down between detecting periods, to prevent sound actuation at certain times of day and certain times of year and to issue deterrent sounds only once for every set time period.

Inventors: Berger; Robert Paul (Winnipeg, CA), McIlraith; Alexander Leslie (Winnipeg, CA)

Assignee: Myrica Systems Inc.

International Classification: A01M 31/00 (20060101); G08B 023/00 ()

Expiration Date: 05/28/2019