Patent Number: 6,401,128

Title: System and method for sending and receiving frames between a public deviceand a private device

Abstract: A system and method for sending frames between a public device and aprivate device comprise a phantom device mapping, an address translation,a frame payload translation, and a CRC regeneration. The system and methodassign a phantom AL_PA for the public device and establishes a phantomdevice mapping between the phantom AL_PA and the public device's Port_ID.With the phantom device mapping, the present invention directs allcommunication between the public device and the private loop device as ifthe communication were between a phantom device and the private device.Specifically, the system and method comprise a public-to-private addresstranslation in one direction and a private-to-public address translationin the other direction. During the public-to-private address translationprocess, the source address of the frame is converted to a phantom AL_PA.The public-to-private address translation uses a Port_ID to phantom AL_PAmapping table and finds an entry where the Port_ID matches the sourceaddress. The public-to-private address translation replaces the sourceaddress of the frame with the phantom AL_PA of the matched entry, and thedestination address with the AL_PA only of the destination device. Theprivate-to-public address translation replaces the destination address ofthe frame with the Port_ID of the matched entry, and the source addresswith the fabric assigned address of the private device.

Inventors: Stai; Jeffery (Placentia, CA), Griffith; Eric (Yorba Linda, CA), Guan; Vincent W. (Placentia, CA), Banks; David C. (Pleasanton, CA), Wu; Ding Long (San Jose, CA), Zhu; Jieming (Fremont, CA)


International Classification: H04L 29/12 (20060101); G06F 013/00 ()

Expiration Date: 06/04/2014