Patent Number: 6,401,168

Title: FIFO disk data path manager and method

Abstract: A mass data storage device (10) and method for operating it are disclosed. The mass data storage device has a rotating disk memory (14) which has a number of sectors for containing data. A FIFO memory (30) has three memory sections (40-42), each for containing an entire sector of data associated with respective sectors of the rotating disk memory. An ECC unit (34) has random access to any data contained in the FIFO memory (30). The ECC unit (34) is operated to perform error correction on data while the data is contained in the FIFO memory (34). A FIFO memory controller (32) controls locations at which data is written into and read from the FIFO memory (30), and locations at which data correction is performed by the ECC unit (34), so that as data is written into a first portion of the memory containing a sector currently being written, the ECC unit concurrently accesses a second portion of the memory containing a sector previously written to correct data therein, and data that has already been corrected by the ECC unit in a third portion of the memory is concurrently being read from the memory.

Inventors: Williams; John W. (Longmont, CO), James; Michael (Longmont, CO)

Assignee: Texas Instruments Incorporated

International Classification: G06F 12/00 (20060101); G06F 012/00 ()

Expiration Date: 06/04/2019