Patent Number: 6,422,987

Title: Apparatus for producing recloseable bags

Abstract: An apparatus is provided for producing recloseable bags (10). The recloseable opening (32) of the bags is surrounded by mutually opposite halves (20, 22) of a recloseable strip, these halves being firmly welded to mutually opposite bag walls (12, 14) and, at the ends, being welded to the two lateral longitudinal sealed seams (16) of the bag (10). The apparatus is characterized, on the one hand, by at least one inner sealing jaw (72) between the two bag walls (12, 14) in the crossover region of the longitudinal sealed seam (16) and recloseable strip (18), and, on the other hand, by at least one counter-jaw (82, 84) on the outside of a bag wall (12, 14). The counter-jaw is located opposite the inner sealing jaw (72) such that, between the inner sealing jaw (72) and the counter-jaw (82, 84), it is possible to position a bag wall (12, 14) by way of its crossover region and to press flat the relevant half (20, 22) of the recloseable strip (18) and weld the same to the bag wall (12, 14).

Inventors: Hamm; Klaus (Weinstadt, DE)

Assignee: Harro Hofliger Verpackungsmachinen GmbH

International Classification: B31B 19/64 (20060101); B29C 65/00 (20060101); B31B 19/00 (20060101); B31B 19/90 (20060101); B65B 61/18 (20060101); B21B 001/90 ()

Expiration Date: 07/23/2010