Patent Number: 6,434,284

Title: Beam converter for enhancing brightness of polarized light sources

Abstract: Linearly polarized light beams emanating from elongated spot sources are reshaped to couple more efficiently into optical waveguides having circular or other less elongated entrances. A polarization rotator interrupts one-half of the beam along its wider dimension to rotate the polarization direction of a first transverse segment of the beam through 90 degrees with respect to the original polarization direction of a second transverse segment of the beam. A polarization-sensitive beam displacer relatively displaces the two beam segments into positions of overlap that effectively shorten the wider dimension of the spot source while increasing brightness within the region of overlap.

Inventors: Savchenko; Arthur Y. (Corning, NY)

Assignee: Corning Incorporated

International Classification: G02B 6/42 (20060101); G02B 006/00 ()

Expiration Date: 08/13/2019