Patent Number: 6,434,426

Title: Method and system for determining a noise floor in a cardiac pacing system

Abstract: A method for determining a representative noise floor in a cardiac pacingsystem from which future events are measured is provided. An eventamplitude is determined. Pluralities of noise levels are recorded, wheneach of the plurality of noise levels is less than a predeterminedpercentage of the event amplitude. The noise floor is determined as anabsolute maximum value of the plurality of recorded noise levels.

Inventors: Munneke; Jacob Dave (NR Arnhem, NL), Wohlgemuth; Peter W. (Neukirchen, DE), De Bruyn; Harry W. M. (BN Arnhem, NL), Huijnen; Anton L. (BS Velp, NL)


International Classification: A61N 1/362 (20060101); A61N 1/39 (20060101); A61N 1/37 (20060101); A61N 001/37 ()

Expiration Date: 08/13/2014